Signs of Bed Bugs

Do You Have Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are very small and difficult to see in plain sight. Even if you aren’t able to see them, it doesn’t mean bed bugs aren’t there. They are masters of hide and seek – don’t think you’re crazy if you just don’t know where to look. If you do indeed have bed bugs, here are some tips to help you find them.

Bed Bug Bites

Perhaps the greatest sign of bed bugs is their bites. Whether it be every night, or every week or so, if you are getting bit consistently, it’s almost a guarantee that you have bed bugs.

You can look up bed bug bites on google to see if yours match, but be aware that everyone reacts to bed bug bites differently, so there is no right answer for how bed bug bites look, or the formation of their bites.

Interesting fact – most people don’t react to bed bug bites initially. They will eventually develop a reaction to them, but yes, your partner is getting bit by bed bugs even if they aren’t reacting! 

Where to Find Bed Bugs

Check the corners of your mattress, under and around your bed, & your headboard, especially if there’s fabric on it. Bed bugs love three points of contact. They’re very lazy and like to be right near their food source. Signs to look out for are: 


  • Little black, rust-like spots. This is their fecal matter.
  • White, almost clear, tiny rice shaped eggs. You’ll know them when you see them!
  • Exoskeletons. You’ll find these because they shed their skin as they grow.

Free Inspections

If you are unsure and want to have a professional look at it, we can offer free inspections. We offer them free to give you an opportunity to meet and trust us so we can earn your business.

Sometimes, due to distance, availability, or low possibility of you having bed bugs, it may cost up to $50. This price, if you do have them, will be deducted from the treatment.

Ask Us Anything

Not sure if you have bed bugs or not? Take some photos and text them to Elite Bed Bug to digitally diagnose infestations. From there, we will arm you with relevant, unbiased information so you can make an educated decision about your bed bug problem.