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An Honest Family Business

Whether you’re in Texas or France, people everywhere struggle with bed bugs. They are the most common problem that no one talks about

Everyone is different, but being in this industry for the years that we have, we’ve found almost 100% of people to be the same in this regard – they are shocked by bed bugs. They don’t know what to do or who to talk to. They turn to Google, which is probably how you found us, and just start reading (which is good, because if it’s on the internet it’s probably true). Horror story after horror story clouds their minds until they start itching just thinking about it.

Point is, we know your concerns. We have built Elite Bed Bug on the foundation of unbiased education. Not every case is the same. Not every case will result in you writing a $5,000 check. Not every case will require a treatment from professionals. Countless times people have called in after they’ve paid thousands of dollars to treat for bed bugs with chemicals or replace furniture they’ve thrown away. Please, call us before you do anything. If we can help you not to waste money, we consider that a win (we even keep track of it amongst our managers and employees and distribute bonuses with that as a consideration).

We believe doing good will result in good happening to us. Call us selfish. We hire all our managers and service techs with that as a core deciding factor. So again, please give us a call and test us out and see if we will hold up our end of the deal. Because let’s be real, if all this were true, you know you’d want to talk to us.

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Think you might have bed bugs? Chances are that you’ve never had to deal with them before. Elite Bed Bug will arm you with relevant, unbiased information so you can make an educated decision about your bed bug problem. Give us a chance to earn your business!