Prevent Bed Bugs

How Bed Bugs Spread

Bed Bugs are hitchhiking their way across the world. This means they aren’t going to travel between neighbors by themselves like a line of ants. Rather, they will catch a ride on people and spread that way. Their intent isn’t always necessarily to spread. Sometimes they are just on someone when they get up to go to the store. The result isn’t any different though – they will infest very quickly wherever they go.

How To Prevent A Bed Bug Infestation

Because of how bed bugs spread, sometimes an infestation cannot be avoided. There are plenty of things that are in your control that will help to reduce the chances of bringing bed bugs home. 

Tips to follow while traveling:

  •  Keep dirty clothes in a sealed bag so nothing can get in or out.
  • Keep luggage off the ground and away from the bed.
  • If you get bit, immediately go to the lobby and ask to change rooms because of a bed bug scare. Better to be safe than sorry, and they will accommodate.

Keep in mind – most hotels won’t have a large amount of bed bugs, so it’s not extremely likely that you see them or bring them home. But doing these things will help lower the risk.

Returning Home from Travels:

  • Wash your clothes on the hottest setting possible. Bed bugs can’t survive heat very well, and that is the way professionals will get rid of them.
  • Store your luggage in your garage, attic, or somewhere they wouldn’t be able to spread and will get exposed to higher-than-normal temperatures.

Control Who Comes In

You may not be able to prevent yourself from picking up bed bugs somewhere random, but you can control who comes into your home.

If a friend of your child comes to spend the night, wash the bedding that they slept on and vacuum around their bed. This will help to remove bed bugs before they get a chance to nest. 

High traffic areas are most likely where bed bugs will be spread: places like homeless shelters and halfway homes generally have bed bugs. If someone coming to your home has been exposed to these locations, consider that they may unknowingly  carry bed bugs with them. 

Many cases we see are from people allowing someone to come into their home and stay for a period of time. 

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