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Bed Bug Infestations are brutal. They rob you of rest and peace in your own home. Our team of Elite Bed Bug Exterminators are on a conquest to get rid of bed bugs and bring peace back to your lives! We would be honored to have the chance to earn your business.

Outstanding Bed Bug Removal Reviews

At the corner of Friendliness and Professionalism is where you’ll find Elite Bed Bug Exterminators. We offer top notch service at every step during our customer’s journey with us. Our experience with bed bug removal is deep, and it shows in our reviews. As a independently owned family business, we understand the importance of the relationships in our lives. Hiring for a bed bug exterminator can be a difficult process – our goal is to make the process easy for you and make you feel like you’re a part of our family. We believe that this a big reason why we have received so many overwhelmingly positive reviews. Want to read reviews for yourself? Check out our Google Reviews!

Free Bed Bug Inspections

You can think of bed bugs as masters of hide-and-seek. Their flat bodies make it easy for them to burrow in to tight spaces, which can be extremely difficult to spot in plain sight. Our Bed Bug Treatment Experts have received specialized training to know where to look to discover & diagnose a bed bug infestation. In many cases, a quick and free virtual inspection will be enough to diagnose an infestation. If we cannot diagnose an infestation over the phone or texted photos, we’ll send a professional to your home to see if we can find any bed bugs. 

Generous Bed Bug Treatment Warranties

We have Bed Bug Treatments down to a science. Although bed bugs are sneaky and difficult to get rid of, our team has extensive training & experience to get the job done right for you the first time around! We’re so confident in our work, that we offer generous bed bug extermination warranties to all of our customers who hire our bed bug removal services. This gives our customers the peace of mind that we are going to get rid of their bed bugs with absolute certainty and restore their sleep to what it once was!

Best Bed Bug Treatment Methods

There are many different ways to exterminate bed bugs, depending on your means, knowledge and expertise. Bed bugs are evolutionarily quick to respond to chemical sprays. It is almost impossible to fully treat a full infestation without them coming back, and when they do come back, they will be immune to the chemical spray. Bed bug heat treatments are by far the most effective method for removal. Occassionally our technicians will use chemical sprays to finish off a job, but only after killing most of the pests with heat. Read more about Bed Bug Heat Treatments for all of the details!

How Much Does it Cost to Kill Bed Bugs?

Exterminating bed bugs is not an easy task considering how good they are at hiding and their resistance to simpler chemical solutions. There are many factors that go into how we need to price our treatments. The most important pricing factors are the severity of the infestation and how large the infected space is. As you can imagine, it takes more time and resources for us to heat a larger space, and more bed bugs means more time and attention to guarantee that there are no stragglers left behind. See a pricing chart and read more about the costs associated bed bug treatments!

How Can I Tell If I Have Bed Bugs?

Trying to diagnose for a bed bug infestation requires a lot of attention to detail and tenacity. Since these bugs are so good at hiding, knowing where to look is extremely helpful. Bed bugs like to hide in the smallest little nooks and crannies, but always like to be close to where humans. In fact, bed bugs are attracted to the CO2 that we emit when we breathe. If they sense CO2, they know that they are close to dinner. Bed Bugs are also pretty lazy, so they don’t like to move too far away from where people regularly will be. This is why they are very commonly in beds – we have to sleep every night! Learn more about Signs of Bed Bugs if you’re trying to find them on your own.


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